About Us
Who Are We?

Dytabank.com is proudly brought to you by PINCSA (Pty) Ltd. We are a patented secure data exchange platform where Users (the data owner) can store their personal information on the platform to share the information with any company at a price the data owner sets. The data owner's information is then sold when he or she decides to accept an offer made by the Subscriber from the Companies that utilise Dytabank.com's platform.

Our Mission

To facilitate and accelerate secure data circulation between the individual trading personal information with the financial service sector (insurance, banks etc.) and private organisations, contributing to the development of the data economy.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to deliver a secure data exchange platform to enable all financial stakeholders to develop and value the potential of their ecosystem through data exchange.

Our Values

At DytaBank.com, we are developing a strong corporate culture based on a pioneering spirit animating us since the beginning, working as one to provide our customers with accurate personal information relying on a team driven by collective intelligence.