Get paid for your Personal Information is a patented secure data exchange platform. Users store their information on the platform and they can share this information with any company at a calculated market price. Subscribers will send you an offer for your personal data and you will decide if you wish to provide that subscriber with your data. The platform is 100% compliant with Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


A User is an individual who wishes to sell their data at market price on the platform and receive relevant product offers.


A Supervisor is a company official that is responsible for adding company representatives and approving data purchases.

Key Features of
  • The platform uses the same level of security used by banks to protect your money on internet banking applications
  • Our 128bit encryption helps to ensure that your data is always protected.
  • Only large and reputable companies that have passed our screening process are allowed on the platform in order to further promote security.
  • The sharing of information is done by you and not the platform.
    Avoid constant interruptions by telemarketers
  • ensures that only companies that have a better offer for you contact you. If a telemarketer contacts you just tell them to go to
  • Make money from your personal data
  • There are many companies that are benefitting from selling your personal data without any benefit to you. makes sure that you benefit from people accessing your data.
  • Share your data with any approved organisation
  • You can share data with any approved companies at a price that you set. This includes financial services companies, hospitals, government departments etc.
    Get a better understanding of your customers
  • enables companies to understand the needs of their customer so that they can propose suitable solutions or products to address those needs.
  • Automated Financial Needs Analysis
  • Through, financial services companies are able to get data from our platform and perform automated financial needs analysis of customers as their life situation changes.
  • Increase Sales
  • Through's patented technology, companies are able to perform analysis to identify new customers in their target markets and make informed product offers to improve their lives.

How Works.



Provide your data

Receive a market price for your data

Get data and product offers

Approve or decline offers

Get paid



Add Representatives

Representatives make data and product offers

Supervisor approves data purchases

Supervisor makes payments

Supervisor receives user data